$1000.00 Reward in Animal Abuse

Henry County Crime Stoppers is now offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the abuse of “Dutch” the cat. Dutch was the victim of abuse in rural northwestern Henry County and was being treated at Miller Vet Service in Atkinson, IL. Dutch died from his injuries Wednesday night.

Calls to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and rewards are paid for information leading to the arrest of criminal suspects.

Anyone with information about this crime can call Henry County Crime Stoppers at 800-227-2324 or 309-937-2324.

Donations to Crime Stoppers can be mailed to:

  • Henry County Crime Stoppers
  • PO Box 75
  • Cambridge, IL 61238Donations to Crime Stoppers can also be made using PayPal by clicking on “Make A Donation” below:

    Any donations received over the amount of the rewards paid will be used to continue the efforts of Crime Stoppers in Henry County.

    Donations to help pay for the cat’s veterinary bills can be sent to the Geneseo Humane Society at PO Box 145, Geneseo IL, 61254. They also have a PayPal option on their website at http://GeneseoAnimalShelter.com

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